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V. Srinivas

V. Srinivas has spent almost 20 years working on the question of knowledge and how it enables human societies in ways that other resources do not.

For about 8 years, he was engaged in the formal "craft" of
knowledge-construction as co-founder and co-CEO of INFAC (which produced knowledge products in the area of industry research and information).

Subsequently, he became engaged in the "science" of
knowledge-construction i.e., how are knowledge products and communications of consistently high standards and effectiveness created and delivered by diversely gifted and motivated workers in a plural society.

This work led to the profound realization that knowledge, in itself, is merely a resource - whether in the form of books, data, or even as recorded insights from those who "knew". Knowledge, to be truly useful and valuable, must be living - alive - in the hearts and minds of men who cope everyday with challenges from a relentlessly transforming and demanding world.

This has led to his present definition of knowledge-construction as an "emergent response" to life's challenges.

Srinivas currently leads the team at "Illumine Knowledge Resources", a design lab and consulting firm specializing in “architecting design collectives” in various institutional and community settings. His research focus of the last few years has been the transformation of the modern workplace into an arena for personal and social evolution.

Biographical Details: Qualifications: B.Tech (IIT Bombay), PGDM (IIM, Ahmedabad); 1989-1996 Co-founder and Co-CEO of INFAC; 1996- till date, Founder and CEO of Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt.Ltd.

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