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Illumine Innovation Spin-offs is built on two distinct activity and value creation phases -

Phase 1: Business and Intervention Prototyping and

Phase 2: Roadmap to Market for the model

Scalable Knowledge Platform for rapid language training

Scalable Knowledge Platform
for precision learning

Phase 1: Business and Intervention Prototyping involves two distinct activity cycles - one, design and development of the business / intervention model - which represents the design-to-context part of the cycle; two, the prototyping and methodology building - which represents the context-to-design part of the cycle. The outcome of this phase is both a robust business / market intervention model and the necessary “methodological infrastructure” to scale it.

Phase 2: Road Map to Market involves translating a business / interventional model into value for both the business creators and the sponsors of the project.

In the Roadmap to market phase, the emphasis is on creating the necessary “scalability” and “value events” that will transform the model into realized end states.

Illumine has already developed a number of knowledge business prototypes, (also called scalable knowledge platforms) which are capable of being translated into value for all the stakeholders concerned. These “knowledge platforms” are in areas such as school and professional education, development of knowledge-based competencies, and scalable creation of specific “result areas” for organizations.

Illumine Innovation Spinoffs looks to applying a formal “roadmap to market” to each of these knowledge platforms.

We invite entrepreneurs / professionals who seek to participate in an entrepreneurial environment to collaborate with Illumine / work on any of these areas.
[Those interested can get in touch with our Engagement Leader]

The goals of these relationships will be two fold: contribution to society and wealth creation for the individual - in that order.

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