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1. Illumine :: Design Enablement

Illumine:: Design Enablement focuses on capacity creation in the areas of “design thinking” and managing design-centered business models that are based on human innovation and creativity.

Illumine:: Design Enablement leverages the learnings of more than eight years and 42 experimental test-beds of research into architecture and behavior of design collectives carried out across domains ranging from book-keeping, corporate finance, AIDS awareness, health education, study skills, student productivity, software development, small business trouble-shooting, etc.

Illumine:: Design Enablement conducts Design Forums, Practice Journeys, and Innercity Round-tables.

Design Forums : Design Forums enable organizations and institutions to -
  • Familiarize their team with a fresh set of perspectives on how to view their own work differently.
  • Design for themselves new response patterns to challenges that are almost tiresomely repetitive and persistent.
  Design Forums are of three kinds -
  • Possibility Encounters
  • Design KnowHow Sharing
  • Design-Forums to deal with specific internal challenges

Practice Journeys :

Practice Journeys enable “communities of practice” to leverage knowledge-based “design models” that support areas as diverse as content creation, experience architecture, sales interactions, design-role management, etc.

Practice Journeys involve a combination of Practice Guides, Assimilation and Application Seminars, and e-enablement.

Practice Journeys often lead to the setting up of formal Practice Schools that support a community of practice.


Round-tables :

Innercity Round-tables are usually designed with the purpose of helping a wide range of perspectives to be shared and synthesized around a specific purpose of the organization / community. Innercity Round-tables are a specific form of round-tables devised by Illumine.

Innercity Round-tables aim to capture the “tacit models” that underlie the apparent diversity of opinions. These “tacit models” often help define the “world views” that underlie a range of behavior and often subtly tie the group together at a knowledge level leading in short, to inner city behavior.
They may also be the very forces preventing acceptance of new ways of living and doing.

Innercity Round-tables are either inter-organization, inter-groups, and sometimes inter-teams.
Innercity Round-tables usually lead to design initiatives being envisioned for creating new “break-through” approaches to a situation.

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