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2. Illumine :: Deep Consulting

Illumine:: Deep Consulting engages in deep change projects, wherein the organization or community undertakes part or whole of the transformation from the mechanistic-organic world of organization today to fulfillment-oriented world of design collectives tomorrow.

The outcome of every assignment is the same - the organization or community is launched on the path of sustainable evolution that will allow it to digest change and provide fulfillment to all stakeholders in the system.

Contribution dimensions :
  • Educating the collective in “design possibilities”
  • Re-orienting professional practice towards design-centricity
  • Harnessing explicit and tacit knowledge for real-time design
  • Transforming organizational purpose around fulfillment and evolution
  • Developing the community's design identity
  • Architecting scalable design-centric delivery systems
Roadmap to Sustainable Evolution of Design Communities:
Illumine's Approach to Architecting Design Communities is built on four key phases.
Phase 1:
Envisioning the organization's / team's new identity as a “design collective”.
Phase 2:
Creating and modeling the “design enablers” that will help each member of the collective become a solution creator and a solution provider.
Phase 3:
Putting into place the “capacity creation” processes that will help each member of the solutioning collective walk a new “evolutionary path” productively and purposively.
Phase 4:
Managing the “emergent realization” framework that allows the community to find independence and balance in a new design-enabled work environment.

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