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The ‘design collective’ is the primary unit of sustainable evolution of communities.
'Design Collectives' crystallize a range of 'change principles' into two simple building block ideas:
Building Block Idea 1- that a design collective is in essence a group of individuals “enabled” such that they find their own solutions.
Building Block Idea 2 - that the design collective is first and foremost a “collective”, that takes joint-responsibility for ensuring that each member not only discovers and delivers new solutions, but also has the courage and wherewithal to realize the benefits of that solution for himself/ herself and the collective.

Philosophical foundation for the work at Illumine
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Evolution of thought
’Architecting design collectives’ is
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search for sustainable evolution
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About V. Srinivas
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Sustainable evolution is at the
intersection of economic
well-being and personal fulfillment - selections from the work
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