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Illumine’s Model for Sustainable EvolutionTM
Evolution of Thought at Illumine
Early years
Illumine was founded in 1996. Initially Illumine's areas of work were limited to information visualization and effective communication of ideas for the purpose of education and learning especially in corporate environments.
As the years - and projects - progressed, the team at Illumine began to discover (i) deep limitations in existing notions of learning, communication, education, and design (ii) a fundamental need in human collectives to evolve on a sustainable basis.
Both these dimensions - the limits of knowledge and vastness of human aspiration led to a profound journey of transformation not just for Illumine's work (in the form of thought streams), but also for the individuals involved within.
The first recognition that change can be architected
There was now a recognition that change can be architected, and education is intrinsic to human evolution itself. And that these two aspects of transformation are one and the same thing (i.e. true education, is manifest as transformed human beings, and true change in a collective is both causal of, and an effect born of transformed human beings.)
Towards a theory of sustainable evolution
By 2003, Illumine was beginning to see a cohesive picture of positive societal change. It saw a dynamic of self negating change being replaced by a new positive dynamic of sustainable evolution in collectives.
Illumine's Model for Sustainable Evolution
Projects, influences and growth
By now Illumine was clearly a space (not just a place) where work was becoming a journey of deep transformation for all concerned.
The test-beds were continuing, work was being done with some truly interesting and productive challenges, and specific “products” from Illumine's research were being used by clients to address their internal (people) and external (market) challenges.
While the core team continued to remain small, the number of members in the “Illumine Collaborative” (a model that only recently has been formalized but has existed for long) was growing, influences were pouring in from social sciences, philosophy, physical science, religion.
Notable through this process was the two dichotomous cornerstones of Illumine's work method - focus on effectiveness on the ground, and don't lose focus on fulfillment of the individual.
As this dichotomy drove projects, conversations, numerous arguments, and fresh breakthroughs everyday - Illumine was now reaching a point where it sought to crystallize its almost encyclopedic range of influences, models, approaches etc. into a simple, communicable vision for itself.
The purpose was seen manifest in powerful transformation projects with two leading corporations. In both cases (the industries were diverse the challenges apparently unconnected - one in software and one in oil) the solution was the same-to ensure long-term competitiveness, do not offer strategy, technology, or training instead offer each individual the power to evolve in the context of the communities.
Put another way, can we enable each individual to become a solution designer such that the negative dynamic (of codified knowledge, fractional community identity, poor collective self esteem, and deeply limiting concepts of personal competence) can be transformed within months into a positive, freeing, enabling dynamic (just-in-time/ enabling knowledge, a new “whole vision” of the community for itself, an affirming of personal aspiration, and the creation of an "evolutionary competence" view of oneself and the collective)?
Can each one be a designer of solutions and therefore free to respond to the challenges facing the community not necessarily at the individual level but certainly in the context of the collective.
Can all of the above be done on a scalable, replicable basis across large collectives?
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