Enabling students and professionals to “educate themselves” on making appropriate career choices
Enabling a large body of sales training content to be used fully and effectively
Enabling software professionals to enhance value in a project relationship
Enabling a large bank to codify and diffuse best-practice behavior rapidly
Enabling a change agency to enhance the assimilation and applicationization of health-education messages by the target audience
Enabling software professionals to enhance value in a project relationship

A group of software developers engaged in a project with a client finds itself facing tacit resistance in its efforts to go up the value-curve in its relationship with a client. This apparently counter-intuitive situation (which client would reject more value?), was investigated in the context of a software development company with clients in the US, Europe, and the Far East.

The software development company sought to enable its project team members in sites across the world, to secure more value both for clients and the company.

Clearly, the problem was not one of ideas or competence but of the very relationship structure itself.

Illumine saw the situation as one where each project team member was locked into limiting identities of technologists and suppliers. They now needed to see themselves as “engagement designers” who took upon themselves to re-architect software engagements into high-value relationships from their current situation.

Assembling the wherewithal for an ‘engagement designer’ meant modeling typical engagements with clients such that the engagement designer could, for himself, diagnose where role, competence, client expectations, and value possibilities could become ‘design variables’, through which interesting new ways of reconfiguring the relationships came into being.

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