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Illumine’s Model for Sustainable EvolutionTM
Illumine's Model for Sustainable EvolutionTM

Illumine's Model for Sustainable Evolution
TM describes two contrasting dynamics that represent two states of design behavior. One, the self-limiting individual and two, the designing individual (or self-fulfilling individual).

Illumine's Model for Sustainable EvolutionTM

These elements are described below:

1. Enabling knowledge that helps members of a collective, design and find solutions to their own challenges.
This enabling knowledge can be co-created within the community only after people transcend traditional dichotomies of data, information, knowledge and wisdom, and instead see knowledge as emergent realization.

2. Enabling aspirations that help each individual put in the necessary struggle that design entails.
These struggles can be helped along when people can be supported by environments that allow each individual, to (i) grow at his or her own pace (ii) while accepting responsibility to the collective.

3. Positive capacity for collective change that results in the collective supporting and reinforcing initiatives by way of its own tacit knowledge by affirming and letting go of a dependence on “external recommendations”

4. Positive capacity for personal change that results in an environment of learning-doing and adoption of the science process of hypothesis building, rapid prototyping, test-bed documentation, and review of solution models.

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