Choose the mode of engagement most convenient to you

Full-time Engagement

You may want to engage wholly in this kind of work. You are welcome to apply.

Project-based Engagement

You may be in a full-time job. You could choose to take a short sabbatical to explore and enrich yourself and your work.
Or you could be pursuing research (e.g. Ph.D) and would like to take time off to learn new methods/approaches etc.
Or you could be the person who prefers short-term assignments.
You are welcome to join us for a six month period to contribute towards a specific project – it’s an opportunity to co-create solutions.
The one thing that you need to bring along is your commitment to the project outcomes.

Deliverables-based Engagement

You may be a freelancer. This mode of engagement is especially useful for freelancers such as creative artists, writers, storyboarders,
film-makers, illustrators, editors etc.
Or you may want flexible timings and prefer to work from home.
You are welcome to approach us to work out specific deliverables for projects.
The one thing that is sacrosanct is the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve excellence – we assume that the deliverable will obviously be something to be proud of.