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Journeys at Illumine

What does a journey of internal personal transformation combined with a deep focus on contribution to society look like?

Here's what some of the team members at Illumine say:

Biren Anand

“When you transcend the paradox between your own fulfillment and the organizational purpose, you find yourself in a new space which is so simple and simplicity creating.”

Prior to joining Illumine, was with Ernst & Young, as an Associate Director and earlier with Bharat Petroleum a Fortune 500 company in India.

Rebecca Ittyerah

“If one went mountain climbing, would you call that a career?”

Part of the early team of explorers at Illumine.

Angad S
The "Journey at Illumine" is like the life of a "forward biased Light Emitting Diode". Once the "free" electrons are able to clear the "barrier" potential, the ride is on! Leading you from darkness to light…

Angad, a fourth year Engineering student, was a summer intern at Illumine.

Here's what some of our client team members say about co-creating with

Jasbir Sokhi

Senior General Manager,
Oil Company
“As a person I have never felt more 'known'. This includes near and dear ones like parents, spouse, friends etc.. 'Known' here is far different from being gauged or fathomed. The 'known' which I talk about here, is of a level that helps me discover parts of myself.

It instills ever more confidence in myself, reduces fear/s and induces humility. This has enhanced sensitivity and creativity in me giving rise to a deeper and deeper understanding of the subject/s dealt with.

The frameworks used at Illumine help me remain focused and be more productive.

I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to work with them.”

Deepti S

Senior Finance General
Manager, Oil Company
“Boundary-less thinking is what I have experienced and trying to learn from Illumine. No attachment to already established concepts or already revealed and discussed and concluded nice ideas/thoughts - just to the purpose. This is challenging in the beginning but highly freeing once you comprehend what is going on.”

Vasant Sanzgiri

Head HR, Large Financial Services Company
“Working with Illumine was like undertaking a journey without knowing the destination but knowing the purpose of the journey, like the Sherpas who act as guides to the mountaineer who knows the peak he wants to climb. The purpose and goal was achieved, moving five steps forwards, three steps back, round the bush, over thin ice. We finally got there.”
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