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1. Capacity creation platforms

Communities and individuals can be enabled in two ways: Path 1, they can be provided “aid” and “resource support” from the outside; Path 2, they can be given the capacity to design their own solutions.

Illumine's design refers to Path 2.

In the first method, “aid” and “resources” can be used to solve immediate challenges and crises, both in terms of sudden disruptions and a breakdown of the sustainability dynamic in the community.

In path 2, the conditions for long-term growth, evolution, and human fulfillment are put into place (which also includes greater capacity to withstand sudden shocks and also leverage periods of prosperity into a stronger and more fulfilled group of stakeholders in the community).

Capacity creation in the context of “design collectives” poses a completely new set of challenges. These include:

  • The challenge of enabling each individual to be flexible, open, and responsive.
  • The challenge of ensuring “solution success” in a high proportion of situations.
  • The challenge of designing just-in-time capacity creation platforms.

Illumine has developed new “enablement frame” based capacity platforms, that allow “design capacity” to be built steadily over time.

Case Example:
Sales Multiplier capacity creation platform for creating sales-design capacity in high-technology sales environments

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