Enabling students and professionals to “educate themselves” on making appropriate career choices
Enabling a large body of sales training content to be used fully and effectively
Enabling software professionals to enhance value in a project relationship
Enabling a large bank to codify and diffuse best-practice behavior rapidly
Enabling a change agency to enhance the assimilation and applicationization of health-education messages by the target audience
Enabling a large body of sales training content to be used fully and effectively

A leading multinational technology company has been facing severe “knowledge competence” issues with its frontline sales people and those associated with its partnering organizations.

Two symptoms of the problem are “expertise choke” and “down selling”. There is a dearth of experts on one hand, and pressure from potential customers for immediate response on the other.

The only solution was a rapid upgradation of knowledge competence for the sales person.

Initial solutions to this problem includes (i) a product support website (ii) updates, (iii) regular refresher programs, (iv) e-learning programs, etc. However, it was found that while the content for all these programs was excellent – the gap was finding ways to make it usable on a real-time basis by the sales people, when they faced specific and dynamic questions from potential customers.

This set of possibilities is mapped in the visual below:

Possibility: Sales Designer
Illumine’s work with the salesmen helped re-envision the sales force as customer-solutions designers.

As a customer solutions designer each sales person would need to

  • Direct the flow of discussion with the client
  • Respond to client queries most effectively, and
  • Deliver appropriate communication modules for discussion with the client.

Most important, the sales person would need to “consult” clients thereby build their trust and drive home product differentiators and impact client business.

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